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The Best Workforce on Your Job Site
It’s not just about doing the best work in the business. It’s about being the best in the business to work with.

To ensure you have the best workforce on your job sites, Painters and Allied Trades has implemented the Top Workplace Performance Plan.
How the Performance Plan Works
  • Promotes and brings out the best from members in both skill and attitude.
  • Rewards those who succeed in meeting our high standards.
  • Identifies members who might need additional training and education to meet our standards.
  • Removes those who are unable or unwilling to meet our strict standards from the union and your job site.
It’s that simple. It’s what your business deserves from us to ensure our members bring you unequaled quality and professionalism.

Painters and Allied Trades Pledge to Employer Partners on the Job Site
  • Members adhere to the contractual starting and quitting times.
  • Break times limited to time allowed by the contract.
  • Members adhere to the lunch periods.
  • Members have all the required personal tools.
  • Members take care of the tools provided by the employer.
  • Members are fit for duty and zero tolerance policy is enforced.
  • Members are productive, keeping idle time to a minimum.
  • Members eliminate disruptions on the job.
  • Members respect the property of the customer.
  • Members utilize proper safety equipment and methods.
  • Members must not leave the jobsite without proper approval.
  • No use of personal cell phones except for lunch or break periods.
  • Slowdowns will not be tolerated.
  • Outside activities that cast IUPAT in a bad light will not be tolerated.
  • Any inappropriate behavior toward members will not be tolerated.
  • Provide training for stewards.
A Partner You Can Trust
Through the Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI), we have improved the quality of all we do. Whether you are a contractor or owner/developer, you can benefit from a partnership with us.

Read Success Stories about how our partners have benefited from Painters & Allied Trades.

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"Our goal is to bring you the best of the best—every job, every day, every time."

- James A. Williams,
General President,
Painters & Allied Trades