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Painters & Allied Trades Workers Here’s what our employer partners have to say about Painters & Allied Trades.

Painting Solutions – Imperial, Missouri
“We are firm believers that organized union labor makes a world of difference in the business. We have been a union company from the beginning and wouldn’t have it any other way.”
   – Scott Layton & Nick Weiland, Jr., Owners, Painting Solutions

Painting Solutions was formed in 2004 by Nick Weiland, Jr., and Scott Layton, both union painters with over 30 years' experience. As longtime signatories, they have found that being in the union allows for the expansion of business opportunities in many areas.

Thomas Industrial Coatings – Pevely, Missouri
“With any business, there are ups and downs that continue to keep you focused. With the constant support of the District Council and International, we are survivors of the worst of times and givers of the best of times.”
   – Don Thomas, Owner, Thomas Industrial Coatings

Don Thomas, president and owner of Thomas Industrial Coatings, has worked his way up the painting ladder via the painter’s union. He is a firm believer that organized labor clearly out-trains, outperforms, and out-works competitors.

Bazan Painting Company – St. Louis, Missouri
“The benefits of being in the union have kept our company on the cutting edge of the industry. I feel that if we were not affiliated with the union, it would cost us more time and money to be as successful as we are.”
   – Walter Bazan, Sr., Owner, Bazan Painting Co.

Bazan Painting Company has been a signatory contractor since its inception in 1977. Because of the union health and pensions trusts for union painters, Bazan Painting has reduced human resource personnel costs, enabling them to focus on bidding and managing projects.

Darling Paint Company – Buffalo, NY
“The skill level of the Union Painter is superior to the non-union painter. Whenever I run into non-signatory contractors, I always promote the Union and express the benefits.”
   - Bill Darling, Owner, Darling Paint Company

Since becoming a signatory, Bill Darling, owner of Darling Paint Company, has adjusted his business plan and seen a 2% increase in profit. Having employees take health and safety class has reduced his compensation insurance by 3%.

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